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He decided to have a big Christmas party

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Teaching  Design 

Unit 1 He decided to have a big Christmas party

Reading Writing

A Christmas Party on the ice


Part 1 Background information

( I ) Analysis of teaching material

1Published by advanced educational press

2About Mr.Hall’s Christmas Party on the Ice

3Unexpected  ending can develop the Ss’ interest

4Essential expressions can improve the Ss’ confidence to learn English well

( II ) Analysis of students

The students from two classes are major in Electronic Business.Their English was really weak when they were freshmen.After a hard year they made much progress.Most of them are more confident and willing to make efforts to learn English well. This unit is pretty easy for few new words and expressions. They can do the reading comprehension exercises well.

( III ) Teaching objectives

Knowledge & Ability

1、         Can understand the meaning of the text

2、         Can tick out the essential expressions

3、         Can change the text into the form

Process  &  Method

1、         Can solve problems by self-study

2、         Can finish the exercises correctly

3、         Do reading by skimming and scgannin

Emotion , Attitude  &  value

1、         To celebrade the festivals with friends

2、         To live a colorful life

3、         To be happy

( IV ) Teaching important and difficult points

Important points

1.  To help Ss understand the text’s meaning by skimming

2.  To help Ss finish the comprehension  exercise by scanning

Difficult points

1.  To help Ss fill the form

2.  To help Ss answer the questions with the key words.

Part2 Teaching methods & Learning strategies

Teaching methods

1.  Task-based Language Teaching method.

2.  Situational Teaching method.

3.  Group discussion.

Learning strategies

1.  Skimming

2.  Scanning

3.  Thinking  and  practise  autonomously

Teaching aids

PPT, pictures and videos

Part3 Teaching procedures

Step I  Lead-in

1.  A  poem

( put the poem by Lee Qingzhao on the screen,and play the video)


常记溪亭日暮,(join in a get-together party

沉醉不知归路。(drink a lot

兴尽晚回舟, (go on late till night  )

误入藕荷深处(take one’s way home incorrectly )

争渡,争渡,惊起一滩鸥鹭  (give sb a surprise)

2.  Group discussion


 If you hold a Christmas party,what activitics will you arrange?

3.  Today’s  text

Purpose: (1). “争渡,争渡,惊起一滩鸥鹭是词人清照朋友聚会出现的小插曲,时至今日读它,仍让人感同身受,如临其境。

(2).Christmas activities

(3).今天的课文讲的也是Christmas Party 后出现的小插曲What happened?

 Step2.  Text-A Christmas Party on the Ice

1.  the sight of the ice

1)  froze (freeze- froze- frozen)

2)  was covered with thick ice

3)  gave Mr Hall an idea

2.  Preparations for the party

1)  carried out all the furniture

2)  invited all his important friends

3)  prepared a lot of delicious food

3.  the effect of the party

1)  They all said that it was a wonderful idaa to

2)  The party went on late

3)  People enjoy beautiful scenery and delicious food

4.  the ending of the story

1)  The ice had broken up

2)  The furniture had been carried out   

Purpose:(1). 列提纲理解课文




1.  Reading comprehension

True or False

(     ) (1) Mr Hall celebrated this Christmas with his family.

(     ) (2) Mr Hall invited a lot of friends to his Christmas Party.

(     ) (3) Mr Hall decided to hold the party on a ship.

(     ) (4) All his friends enjoyed the party very much and stayed late.

(     ) (5) Mr Hall drank a lot that night.

(     ) (6) Mr Hall was surprised when he saw his house was very clean the next morning.

(     ) (7) Mr Hall lost all his living-room furniture at last.

(     ) (8) Mr Hall was a rich businessman and lived in a big house beside a beautiful river.

Purpose:(1). 阅读理解的做题策略


2.Fill the form

Party Information Card





















Purpose:1. 把文本信息转化成简明表格


3.Answer  the  questions

(1)What made Mr Hall want to hold a Christmas Party on the Ice?


(2)Why did his friends think having the party ice was a wonderful idea?


(3)Why did Mr Hall lose all his living-room furniture the next day?



2.writing skills培养写的技能

Step4. Exercises

Choose and complete

Have fun , go on , prepare for ,invite , get ready for , share with

1)My friend Johnny             me to spend the Easter Day with his family.

2)We looked for the Easter eggs and        a lot of        .

3)He has an ability to let his party wonderful and             till the late night.

4)Have you                   the games at Christmas Party?

5)We can start             it tomorrow.

6)This class I’ll       an interesting story       you.



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